System Integrator

Equipment integration

We will be happy to provide more information on how to effectively deploy our solutions to your clients, to suit not only their needs but also accommodate your resources and skill level. Most of the equipment we carry are designed to be easily integrated into any premise or system, and provide robust solutions that not only work seamlessly but also robustly to minimize on troublesome revisits or equipment replacements.

Consult with us to see how our solutions can complement your service offering and further expand your project expertise.

Systems connectivity

Our expertise and experience in connectivity spans across multiple systems, ranging from older systems such as POTS and analog AV systems, to the very latest digital systems for AV, computer networks, IP phones, IP security and access systems.

By consulting us, you gain knowledge on industry leading systems and also on how embracing new, all-digital solutions can help you complete and manage your projects more quickly, easily and effectively while further adding value to your billables.

Equipment supply

We are very selective on the products we carry, as we not only supply them but also install them. Each product is thoroughly tested with other products we carry to ensure perfect compatibility, and also field tested in various environments ranging from households to industrial commercial premises.

By controlling the selection of equipment we carry, we ensure that our customers experience a truly hassle-free installation process, with minimal returns and systems that simply work. 

Equipment support

If you are having trouble at any stage of your installation process, our team of experienced engineers and technicians are ready to assist you. Whether it is a simple problem that can be solved over the phone, or a major hardware issue that needs extensive troubleshooting, you can trust our expertise and experience to provide the in best advice and support.


If you are a project manager or contractor who would like to propose our products and services to your client, we also cater for outsourced projects and provide full turn-key solutions for your clients.


Building consultation

If you are building or renovating your office or home, feel free to contact us for an obligation-free consultation session on how we can help you plan your premise to accommodate the very latest in current and upcoming devices and connections.

Take advantage of our experience in the field of connectivity by preparing your premise for any potential connections and systems that you may need, now and in the future, such as:

  • HD Audio and Visual Signal Management and Distribution Systems
  • Multi-room Audio and Visual
  • IP Camera / CCTV Integration
  • Phone Line and IP Phone Integration
  • Wired and Wireless Ethernet Network Planning
  • Fiber-based Internet, Phone and IPTV Integration
  • Intelligent Alarm and Access Control Integration
  • Lighting, HVAC and Energy Saving Control Systems

Systems recommendation

If you are unsure of what you may need or only have a vague idea of your requirements, we will be happy to propose and recommend any potential solutions and systems you may require, based on your budget and needs.

Our sales engineers are ready to assist you in all your questions, providing accurate, technically sound responses that are unbiased and not marketed. We ensure the quality of information that we provide is always up to date, and most importantly, accurate, so you can make decisions based on reliable information.

Connectivity planning

We have been in the industry of providing connectivity solutions ranging from equipment supply to actual on-site installations since 2008 and have experience in handling projects ranging from small households to large MNC enterprises.

Let our experience work for you, so you can enjoy the benefits of any current and future technologies as your needs expand. Our focus on reliability and flexibility is applied to every single project we undertake, ensuring that our services repays itself for years into the future with as little maintenance and monitoring as possible.


Left hanging with a problem no one seems to be able to solve? Let us have a take at it. Our expertise is at hand if you need it, even if you have a system or product that wasn't supplied by us.