8-Port HDMI+IR Dual UTP Multi Extender

The unit also features an integrated Dual HDMI Extender feature, which allows direct connection of UTP cables to the unit. This reduces the amount of cables and transmitter units needed between the unit and each HDTV, saving on cable costs and energy consumption. It also greatly simplifies connections which make it quick and easy to set up.

It has an active signal retiming and amplification circuit to ensure exceptional signal fidelity and stability, and also synchronized output signals for minimal latency between displays. It has a wide range of compatibility with the latest HDMI devices and features with full support for 3DTV as well.

Product Features

Conveniently split and extend one HDMI connection to 7 displays in a single unit

Features simple and elegant IR relay management system 

Wide range of compatibility with the latest HDMI devices

Active signal retiming and reamplification

1 year Exatrex manufacturer product warranty
  • Supports 1 HDMI source device input
  • Includes 1 HDMI out for display at source
  • Up to 7 HDMI extensions over cost-effective UTP cabling medium
  • Buffered and synchronized output signal
  • Identical bit-for-bit uncompressed HDMI signal output

  • Remotely control your source device from any or all of the 4 extended displays 
  • The 4 IR receivers employs the same IR transmitter at the source reducing clutter

  • HDMI 1.3 & HDCP 1.2 compliant
  • Supports popular DVI/HDMI resolutions (1080p/1080i/720p/576p/480p)
  • Supports data transfer rates of up to 2.25 Gbps per channel
  • Supports 36-bit HDMI Deep-Colour
  • Supports wide variety of HDMI digital audio formats: 
  • LPCM 7.1, Dolby-AC3, DTS 7.1, DSD, Dolby True HD, DTS-HD Master Audio
  • Supports 3DTV Side-by-side & top-bottom formats

  • Active electronics provide exceptional signal stability and noise reduction
  • Reamplification circuitry ensures high fidelity signal throughput for cascading up to 3 layers of splitters
  • Maximum HDMI cable length of 15m can be used at all output ports

  • 1 year warranty on equipment and cables


Technical Specifications

HDMI version

HDMI 1.3

HDCP version

HDCP 1.2

Video resolution support



Video color support


Video refresh rate support


Audio support

DTS-HD/Dolby True HD/LPCM7.1/


Rated HDMI output cable length

Up to 15m

Recommended HDMI input cable length


TMDS input signal voltage

0.5V P-P

TMDS clock frequency

25-225 MHz

DDC input signal voltage

5V P-P

Power adapter supply voltage

5V (DC)

Power adapter supply current

2A (DC)

Temperature range

-5°C to 55°C

Humidity range

5% to 90% (RH)


260 x 115 x 22mm

Product Support

User Manuals