Products and Support

We carry a large range of various analog and digital AV connectivity equipment, ranging from the basic HDMI cables to high-end multi-panel video multiplexers. Although we try to aim to cater for every need, we are very selective on the products that we carry as they must go through stringent test procedures addressing crucial factors such as compatibility with local equipment and standards, durability tests for potential extended industrial usage and also compatibility with all other equipment we carry.

One of the leading concerns in deploying HDMI equipment from different sources is the high risk of incompatibility, and also poor reliability due to under-spec hardware and connections. When selecting products for a system from us, you are taking advantage of the hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars spent on researching, testing and matching each product for the best usage scenario. You also benefit from the knowledge and experience that our engineers have amassed from these procedures, all at your request if you ever have a question.

Select from the following options to explore our product offering, specifications and documentation. We also carry a sizeable range of more advanced, application-specific equipment intended for use by system integrators. Simply drop us a line and let us know your requirements and specifications and we will do the rest.

Our extensive range of AV signal distribution and management equipment allow you to cater for almost any configuration for any application. They are thoroughly tested and verified to work with each other, to provide reliable, flexible and capable systems that last.

Our range of AV extenders enable connections far surpassing the reach of standard link cables. They are designed to be used with alternate cabling mediums that provide greater flexibility in installations, increased robustness and excellent price-performance ratios.

We cater not only to digital AV connectivity but also connectivity in between our equipment. Our experience with network infrastructure and UTP cabling ensure that we only use and provide the best for use with our equipment.