Single Coax HDMI Extender

This device allows a FullHD 1080p HDMI signal to be extended to cable distances of up to 100m, over a single RG6U/RG59 cable. It is perfect for extending HDMI in situations where an existing coaxial cable is already routed, connecting both rooms. These extenders also feature an IR backlink feature, which allows for control of the source device using the device's original remote controller.

Each Remote Unit also has an integrated daisy-chain feature, which enables additional Remote Units to connect successively to each other, all linked to only a single Source Unit. This not only saves cost in terms of equipment and cabling, but also effectively halves energy consumption.

Product Features

Easy installation with no modifications to in-wall coaxial cables needed

Increased cable routing distance compared to HDMI cables

Infrared (IR) control signal backlink

Cost-effective and durable coaxial cable medium with easy termination and high noise rejection

Supports all the latest HDMI standards and features

1 year Exatrex manufacturer product warranty
  • Use conventional RG6/59 cabling to extend your HDMI connection
  • No need for in-wall replacement of coaxial cables readily available in most households

  • Rated for use up to 100m for 1080i/720p
  • Rated for use up to 50m for 1080p

  • Enables multi-room control for HDMI devices employing IR remote controllers

  • Highly robust and durable coaxial cables are less fragile and harder to damage
  • Allows for easier and quicker custom installations with on-site cable termination
  • Readily available coaxial cabling medium
  • Coaxial cables provide excellent noise rejection, allowing for longer runs and picture-perfect video and audio

  • Supports 36-bit HDMI Deep-Colour
  • Supports wide variety of HDMI digital audio formats: LPCM 7.1, Dolby-AC3, DTS 7.1, DSD
  • Supports 3DTV Side-by-side & top-bottom formats

  • 1 year warranty on equipment and cables

Technical Specifications

HDMI version

HDMI 1.3

HDCP version

HDCP 1.2

Video resolution support



Video color support


Video refresh rate support


Audio support




Rated Extender Cable Length

100m (1080i/720p)

50m (1080P)

Recommended HDMI input cable length


TMDS input signal voltage

0.5V P-P

TMDS clock frequency

25-225 MHz

DDC input signal voltage

5V P-P

Power adapter supply voltage

5V (DC)

Power adapter supply current

2A (DC)

Temperature range

-5°C to 55°C

Humidity range

5% to 90% (RH)


99 x 73 x 27mm

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