About Us

Tytrex Enterprise provides a variety of solutions for audio and visual (AV) signal management and distribution for application in homes and commercial spaces. With the expanding number of devices that are able to generate High Definition video and audio, and the wide availability of digital content to end users, digital content sharing and distribution, along with streamlining media management is essential to any modern premise.

Digital signal distribution systems are set to replace conventional analog signal connections in the immediate future, with good reason. With the affordability of HD-capable devices and HDTVs, faster broadband connections and larger storage mediums, more and more consumers are making the shift to future-proofing their premises to accommodate the exceptional picture and audio that digital systems provide.

Tytrex Enterprise has been in the business of providing digital AV signal distribution solutions to many high-profile businesses and residential premises since 2008 and carry an extensive reputation of attentive service and providing quality and cost-effective solutions and advice to suit every customer’s requirements and budget. Our experience and market presence is unrivalled in the local industry and is supported by testimonials from all customer levels.

Whether you are a home or business owner intending to renovate your premises, or are a system integrator or building contractor, we take pride in being able to cater to all your AV and connectivity requirements at all stages involving project consultation, service quotation, product supply, installation execution and most importantly, after-sales service. We take utmost care in being attentive to our customers' needs and also in providing experienced advice, along with an extensive product offering with competitive pricing.

Get in touch with us for a quick discussion on how you can take advantage of our solutions and expertise today, and experience a whole new level of technology that seamlessly integrates with your premise and your lifestyle.